London Escorts Talk About Dating

Inviting your favorite escorts to business functions is becoming more and more popular in London. Since I joined London escorts, it has become more common, and I am finding that I am often asked out to dinner as part of a business function. Some of the girls here at London escorts find this kind of situation a little bit tricky, and there are some do’s and dont’s that I think that all escorts, including London escorts, should follow.

Dress Code is Vital

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Dress code is really crucial and I am afraid to say that some of the girls here at London escorts do get it wrong. Dining out as part of a business function is important, and you should not turn up wearing your stocking and suspenders and nothing else. Attending business function can be a very profitable activity for all escorts including London escorts. I would encourage all girls to invest in a couple of really nice cocktail dresses and have their hair done nicely. Wear your hair up or tied back, and you will look like a real lady. Avoid silly stuff like scrunchies and stuff like that. That belongs back at your boudoir during dress up games.  I know that my colleagues here at London escorts have a real passion for stilettos, but my advice is to ditch the stilettos for business function. Invest in some nice evening sandals or perhaps a pair of court shoes. Both can really help to finish of your outfit.

Make Up

When was the last time you saw a nice lady with red lipstick? I would urge all London escorts to think about their choice of lipstick very carefully. Red lips are wonderful but I am afraid that they do not belong at the Savoy Grill or in a private dining room. Most of my friends at London escorts wear false eyelashes. Yes, there are very nice but once again they do not belong in posh restaurants. They look great for a photoshoot, but should be used with caution. Too much eyeshadow can also give the wrong impression. In short, use all makeup carefully. After all, I am sure most London escorts would appreciate being invited back to another business function.

Hands Above the Table

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It is also important to notice “entertain” the gent that you are with too much. For instance, all hands should be above the table. The odd stroke of a thigh might be alright, and it can be fun to play “footsie” with someone. Other than that, I would encourage all girls from London escorts to be have like ladies in the salon. What London escorts do behind close doors, I will never know…  Personal time is important at business functions, and I think all girls at London escorts should encourage their gents to spend personal time with them. Like I keep saying to younger members of London escorts, this is a really good way to build up your dating diary. Once a gent has met a girls from London escorts, he may want to get in touch with her again. Keep details of your London escorts service handy, and make sure that you give them to your gent. Above all, once the evening moves on, I don’t think that London escorts should be shy. They should explain a little bit more about themselves, and perhaps introduce some of their personal skills into the evening. Business function are social events and it is important to make sure you date has fun. Most girls that I know at London escorts are fun to be with, and I am sure most girls can help an anxious gent to relax. I am sure that most girls can really help the host of the evening to improve his business prospects. At the end of the day, that is what it is all about. If you think that you can entertain international businessmen and travelers, than I think that you have the right attitude. However, at the same time it is very important to keep up appearances and make sure that everybody has a really good time.